Zemana AntiLogger

Zemana AntiLogger

Protect your system from all kinds of loggers


  • Protects your system from different kinds of logging tools
  • Easy enough for beginners


  • Statistics could be more detailed


When browsing the Web and downloading stuff to your PC you can never be too safe. This is why it's worth using a program like Zemana AntiLogger.

With Zemana AntiLogger you'll be protected from several kinds of loggers, which are small apps that secretly save all input through the keyboard take snapshots of your screen. They can also take records from your webcam and grab everything you copy onto the Clipboard, among other equally disgusting activities.

Most loggers run unnoticed in the background, which means you need a program like Zemana AntiLogger to detect them. After installing it on your PC, Zemana AntiLogger will stay as an unobtrusive icon on your system tray, monitoring all activity on your PC and alerting you in case it finds something suspicious.

The program features a nicely designed interface which beginners will find easy enough to use, but which may fall too short of expectations for power users. Just as an example: I could see some protection statistics, but didn't have any way to know exactly which processes or apps had been blocked.

If you look for effective protection against all kinds of data loggers, Zemana AntiLogger is the application you need.

Zemana AntiLogger


Zemana AntiLogger

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